as.POSIX,Date-time Conversion Functions,Functions to manipulate objects of classes "POSIXlt" and "POSIXct" representing calendar datesand times....[Read more]


as.function Convert Object to Function. as.function is a generic function which is used to convert objects to functions. as.function.default works on a list x, which should contain the concatenation ...[Read more]


as.environment Coerce to an Environment Object. A generic function coercing an R object to an environment. A number or a character string isconverted to the corresponding environment on the search path....[Read more]


as.Date Date Conversion Functions to and from CharacterDescriptionFunctions to convert between character representations and objects of class Date representing calendar dates.Usageas.Date(x, ...)## S.....[Read more] Coerce to a Data FrameDescriptionFunctions to check if an object is a data frame, or coerce it if, row.names = NULL, optional = FALSE, ...)## S3 method for.....[Read more]


array Multi-way Arrays Description: Creates or tests for arrays. Usage: array(data = NA, dim = length(data), dimnames = NULL) as.array(x, ...) is.array(x)...[Read more]


Arithmetic Arithmetic OperatorsDescriptionThese unary and binary operators perform arithmetic on numeric or complex vectors (or objects which can be coerced to them).Usage+ x- xx + yx - yx * yx / yx .....[Read more]


args Argument List of a FunctionDescriptionDisplays the argument names and corresponding default values of a function or primitive.Usageargs(name)Argumentsnamea function (a closure or a primitive). I.....[Read more]


apply Apply Functions Over Array MarginsDescriptionReturns a vector or array or list of values obtained by applying a function to margins of an array or matrix.Usageapply(X, MARGIN, FUN, ...)Argument.....[Read more]


append Vector MergingDescriptionAdd elements to a vector.Usageappend(x, values, after = length(x))Argumentsxthe vector to be modified.valuesto be included in the modified vector.aftera subscript, aft.....[Read more]

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